Airport Slezská Harta

The runway of the airport consists of a grassy surface measuring 600 x 15 m


Available water, toilet, solar shower, fireplace, bike rental, walks in the saddles of Irish cobs


A meeting place for pilots and yachting fans

Sunsets like from a fairy tale

Nature and relaxed atmosphere during your entire stay

Slezská Harta Airport is located in the area of the peninsula, which is located between Rázovská Bay and the main part of the Slezská Harta Reservoir. The runway of the airport consists of a grass surface measuring 600 x 15 m. The airport is not public and arrivals must be reported by telephone in advance. The airport also includes a heliport for helicopter takeoff and landing.

Airport information

Statute SLZ area not public
Arrivals must be reported by phone in advance:
+420 777 765 600
(Jíří Vahalík)
+420 774 972 763
(Gabriela Jedlovská)
Type of operation VFR – den ARP (WGS 84): 49°54'31.440"N, 17°32'9.410"E
GEO location 10,5 km SSE Bruntál
ELEV m/ft 511 m/1677 ft Alt circuits ft:2600 ft
ALT circuits ft 2600 ft
Airport runway system track size - 600 x 15 m
surface - grass
runway 12 – 119º 1657 ft
runway 30 – 299º 1673 ft
Heliport 49°54'37.361"N, 17°31'48.988"E
Radio 125,830 (HARTA)
Warning - In stronger winds, watch out for strong turbulence !!!
- Snow removal is not provided.
- Snow removal is not provided.
- Everything secured by an online camera system.

Price list

Landing fee 100 Kč / FREE *

* price for members of Yacht Club Razová z. s.

We are not a VAT payer.


Weather forecast


For Parking Card Holders
YC Razová

Distance from hangar: 500 m / 10 min.

GPS: 49.9109706N, 17.5295383E

Public parking 1

Distance from hangar: 900 m / 15 min.

GPS: 49.9161328N, 17.5282347E

Public parking 2

Distance from hangar: 1,2 km / 20 min.

GPS: 49.9181897N, 17.5258328E

Refreshments / Accommodation

Refreshment stand

Services: refreshment

Distance from hangar: 500 m / 10 min.

GPS: 49.9118442N, 17.5288528E

Slezská Harta Center

Services: refreshments, accommodation, wellness

Distance from hangar: 1,6 km / 30 min.

GPS: 49.9199981N, 17.5238819E

Pub in the workshop

Services: refreshments, accommodation

Distance from hangar: 2,3 km / 40 min.

GPS: 49.9272919N, 17.5285014E

Pension U Marka

Services: refreshments, accommodation, wellness & SPA

Distance from hangar: 7,3 km / 10 min. (autem)

GPS: 49.9086875N, 17.5758133E


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Airport Slezská Harta (LKHART)


49.9087517N, 17.5359089E


+420 777 765 600

+420 774 972 763