Port of YC

Mooring pier with 15 places for mooring small vessels

Airport Slezská Harta

The runway of the airport consists of a grassy surface measuring 600 x 15 m


Available water, toilet, solar shower, fireplace, bike rental, walks in the saddles of Irish cobs


Bermuda CUP 2023 - sailing races on Slezská Harta


We invite you all to the 18th edition of the traditional sailing race, which will take place on 1 and 2.7.2023 on the Slezská Harta Reservoir.

The Bermuda Cup is a long-running sailing race and is scheduled for 2023 for boat classes Finn, Evropa, Fireball, ILCA 4, Optimist, RS Tera, RS Feva and Kajutové plachetnice.

It is a publicly accessible race, in which foreign competitors also participate. There will be both circuit sailing and long-distance sailing, offering competitors breathtaking scenery of the local landscape. The organizer is Yacht Club Razová z. s.

Boats are scored in order in the finish with penalty points - the first boat gets 1 point, the second boat 2 points the third boat 3 points, etc. As a result, these points are added up of all races and the one who has the least .

Come and join the racing peloton. Or you can at least cheer on the competitors, or enjoy relaxing holidays by the water.

Opening ceremony of the race: 1.7.2023 from 10:30 a.m.

All information and application form can be found at https://www.sailing.cz/noticeboard/232423.


3rd place in the race "Memorial of Karel Smetana"


The 3rd place in the race "Karel Smetana Memorial" in the category Sport boats, which took place on 17.6.2023 on VN Lipno was won by our new member of YC Rázová Mr. Miroslav Krowiarz and his crew. Congratulations and keep it up ...

Season 2023 and anchoring of small vessels


After the winter break we greet all members of YC Razová and fans of yachting and water sports in general. The season started from 1.4. and we have not been idle during the winter to make sure everything is ready. Currently we have an offer for mooring your small vessels (sailboats, motorboats or catamarans with electric propulsion) in the YC Razová Marina. Small vessels can be moored here on the basis of a valid "Mooring Space Rental Agreement" by YC Razová members for the whole season (1.4. - 31.10.) or for a shorter period. If the current occupancy permits, small vessels of persons who are not members of YC Razová may also moor here for a short period of time (max. one week). Reservation and more information can be found at now. Mooring places are dwindling fast, so don't delay with your reservation! 

About Us 

  • We support and participate in the development of water tourism and tourism in the vicinity of the Slezská Harta reservoir
  • We strive to improve and diversify life within the reach of the association, in the form of all forms of education, leisure, relaxation, recreation, cultural and sports activities.
  • We create the background for the activities of the association so that its activities are available to all those close to them
  • We support activities in the field of prevention of children and youth and educational activities
  • We protect the environment and our goal is to have a quality and clean background that can be used not only by members of the association, but also by the general public
  • We promote and popularize the village of Razová and the surrounding villages, microregion, region - our initiative extends beyond the borders of the Czech Republic
  • We cooperate with local governments and other entities

We are members


Operation of the YC Razová port
Kotvení malých plavidel členů YC Razová a jejich členů
Půjčovna malých plavidel (plachetnice, elektro-katamarány) – v přípravě
Vyhlídkové plavby na plachetnici s kapitánem – v přípravě
Vyhlídkové plavby na katamaránu s kapitánem (vhodné i pro vozíčkáře) – v přípravě


Thank you to all our sponsors! We really appreciate your support and trust.


YACHT CLUB RAZOVÁ z. s. (hereinafter "YC") received in 2021 a contribution from the budget of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the amount of CZK 13.700 from the project „Podpora sportu v Moravskoslezském kraji sport MSK 2022 – TJ/SK“.

YACHT CLUB RAZOVÁ z. s. (hereinafter "YC") received in 2021 a contribution from the budget of the Moravian-Silesian Region in the amount of CZK 16.700 from the project „Podpora sportu v Moravskoslezském kraji sport MSK 2021 – TJ/SK". These funds will be used to purchase a brushcutter for the maintenance of the YC facilities and for the purchase of gravel for the surface treatment of the YC area.

Medial partners

Yacht Club Razová z. s.


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